Boutiquely Crazy

Ahhhh! Hi guys! Its been about 3-4 days non-stop with only about 4-5 hours of sleep and a full day of work and being with my wife and son! Why? you ask! Because im up all night working on the latest and greatest boutique – Biellca’s Boutique. This boutique is actually a funny story, my wife and i spoke about opening an online store about like 3-4 months ago and never did it and now out of the blue i just launched it, no email subscriptions, a whole bunch of inventory left and right stuck in our GARAGE (we have to park in the driveway now ๐Ÿ‘Ž) But anyways its been a trip and back and its just been awesome and still going! Funny to say our first sale was actually the first day we opened shop online and made our instagram and facebook page and wow were we surprised and ever since our inventory has been flowing out the garage little by little but thank god its moving haha (ALOT of inventory that needs to go because i need my parking space back ๐Ÿ˜…) And well yeah basically up all night and working all morning and playing all afternoon its been intense! Today i just finished adding some new products actually and it took me awhile because i was setting up the store with some drop down menus and what not to make it look a bit more professional and to be honest i think it was the easiest thing ever. I mean like for those who want to build your own online store whether its electronics, pet stuff, kitchen stuff or anything of its nature do not jump right into it. Trust me with us we got lucky thank god but take it easy, do some research and while doing your research launch a pre-launch subscribe list so people can subscribe and you can have a following once its opened and all which would be great because then you can grow with the sales easier than what ive done and well im still going but im not stopping haha. So yeah thats been my few days with my wife and son and working and still working late nights. For any women reading this feel free to comment, like, share and anybody who subscribes to our website would receive a $10 off the entire order discount as well as free shipping!

Biellca’s Boutique



Whats life? Bills? Depression? Stress? Death? Its all a combination, like an all-in-one type of thing. Bills pile up and take over, your credit score drops by like a million and your stuck in this intense feeling where you want to go crazy but you cant because you think ok its just my credit score! Wait who the hell invented a credit score anyways? like why do we have to life by a friggin credit score smh. Anyways after your credit score drops by a million thats when your depression hits! And real bad too think about it you want this to work out soooooo bad but you cant and you get depressed because you dont know what else to do and things went the wrong way and your exhausted and tired and STRESSED! Thats right i said it STRESSED! what else can happen when your stressed? ALOT can happen, doctor visits, pills, medicine after medicine and much more its crazy, it makes you crazy, you end up becoming crazy! A person can only take in so much but then what happens afterwards? Of course the main thing that no body would want – Death. Death can be caused in many ways and can be known by many different situations, But if you take death by its horns and really sink into it….Well your a done deal. Death by stress is a big thing because alot of people stressing over something or things that are nessecary to them in life is a big thing. Again Bills, marriage, kids, friends, work and much more its intense and im pretty sure those who arent ready for death would want to die over stress. A Death Bed isnt for everyone especially for those who arent ready for it. Set yourself straight, manage and maintain your position and follow right path, if you dont want to see the wrong way of life thats your best option! But in reality i mean come on think about it….Whats Life?


Am i at a loss here because of who i am or what i am? Does anyone see me for who i am and not what i am? seeing right through me isnt the right of way to try and help me, Helping me is the key to success, pushing me is the key of all keys, the opening of doors and rehabilitation.

What about me?

Why am i going through all this stress and no regrets as if this life were chosen for me and not granted by me. No work, no love, no joy, no expectation upon it all feeling empty as if there were no one there but me!

What about me?

I am a 27 year old man with a beautiful son named jacob and a wife. I live in my wifes parents home in the basement, i had a decent job making some money and because of listening to other people ive lost my job, stuck with no money, bills to be paid, little guy needs to eat and wife needs to relax, im stuck upon this life where im just……..Done!

There goes most of me ๐Ÿ˜”