Father and Son

A life experience that caught me by surprise and changed my whole universe! i mean truthfully i was aiming for a girl (guess i aimed in the wrong direction) lmao who ever doesnt get that really needs to reread it over and over again until you do! But anyways, god knows why he sent me a boy and i cant be in love anymore than i am because hes my everything. Hes a split image of myself (i dont see it) but yeah its crazy!!! lol what i do, where i go, how far i go, its all for him! Our bond right now is beautiful and strong and so amazing that i cant wait to see what the future holds for my little guy and i!! i mean think about it!! Go-karts, football, basketball, play fighting, movies, video games n more! i cant wait for all of it lol plus i know when he reads this later when he is old enough to read and understand, he will understand how much his daddy loves him! I Love You Jacob L. Valarezo


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